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The Diabetes Protocol boosts eating well-preserved and exercising on a regular basis to keep a person`s body healthy, their blood sugar levels in mark and allows body to function properly. It teaches people how to start living a salubrious way of life and will help them to eradicate Diabetes out of their bodies within 19 days. The program assists people to evolve few favorable habits that would help them in long run. With the help of Diabetes Protocol, people will be able to force out pre-diabetes and dismiss diabetes type II. This is one course that puts blood sugar levels within standard lay out. That means fewer expenses for medication and regular consultation to doctors who just make their money and leave you with no such improvements. Since Diabetes need attention to be cured more than the medicines to take on daily basis.

It minimizes patients requirement for insulin alongside upsetting the insulin levels by 80% if individuals have diabetes type I. Diabetes Protocol additionally severs patients requirement for meds and insulin infusions. It will help individuals figure out how to watch themselves from flagitious indicants of both types of Diabetes.

After your completion of 19 days guideline, the further plan will show you how again you can start carry on with your favorite food and include them in your diet, all those yummy dishes that you have been missing for so long.

In my opinion, Diabetes Protocol is a very user-friendly as well as budget friendly guide book. With this program, you can understand everything about the approach to treat your diabetes, and associated symptoms. Furthermore, you`ll have the ability to accomplish this in a natural and protected manner.
The author has likewise been providing some benefits and additions. Due to this, you can learn more about even more about numerous health concerns, and the clinical market. Online support of the company is available for your any kind of queries. You`ll receive all the aid you require anytime.

Hi, My name is Kenneth Pullman,

And today you`re about to find out a diabetes breakthrough that I almost ended up in jail for discovering.

You`ll Realize The Shocking Reason Why Everything You Know About Managing Diabetes Is DEAD WRONG.

Based on a breakthrough new research conducted by myself and a small team of medical researchers

And that the 245 billion diabetes industry is fighting tooth and nail to keep hidden from you

You`re about to see how a completely natural method. something that has already been medically proven to work in more than a dozen clinical trials used successfully by 41,493 people and counting... that actually has NOTHING to do with insulin production whatsoever...

Can Completely And Permanently Reverse Both Type I And Type II Diabetes In As Little As A Few Weeks From Today.

Even if your blood sugar levels are off the charts or you`ve had the disease for decades and whether you`re 9 years old or 90 years old

This breakthrough of the century can eliminate the need for painful, scary insulin shots, side-effect filled oral medications, and the severe dietary restrictions that have turned eating food into a life-long chore instead of something you enjoy.

Incredibly, All It Takes Is A Few Simple Things You Can Do Right Now From Your Home Things That Cost Nothing

Stay with me untill the end of this video, because I`ll show you exactly what to do.

And you can finally consume more of the delicious foods and drinks you`re currently being told you have to avoid without suffering consequences

And go from diabetic or pre-diabetic to 100% diabetes free in less than a few weeks from right now.

Now I`m going to show you exactly how to use the method I`m talking about right inside this brief presentation

And I`ll also give you the medical research that explains the reason this works.

But before I do, let me go ahead and address the elephant in the room.

Because you`re probably wondering how any of this is possible, right?

After all, you`ve probably always thought of your diabetes as a life sentence something you can manage but never fully eliminate

You`ve probably always felt like the daily needles or the nausea inducing medications or the dictatorial diets were essential

You may have even accepted that as terrifying as it is, you`re statistically likely to die 10 years earlier than a person who doesn`t have diabetes... leaving your children, or grandchildren to fend for themselves

And to look out into the audience at their high school or college graduation and see the empty chair where you should have been.

So if you`re feeling skeptical or confused by what I`m saying right now, I completely understand.

In fact, so were a lot of the 41,493 people who have already used the method I`m about to share with you

Until they tried it for themselves.

Now given the extremeness of what I`m telling you, I`m sure you`re going to want to know who I am, and how I know all of this

Like I said, my name is Kenneth Pullman. I`m an independent scientific researcher and frequently paid consultant to some of the nation`s most prestigious academic institutions.

In particular, for the last twenty years, I have spent every single moment of my professional career researching one single disease: diabetes.

You See For Me, It`s Personal.

In 1982, when I was 10 years old, I watched as surgeons cut through my father`s lower leg cleaving through the skin the tissue the muscle and finally the bone.

I wasn`t supposed to see any of it but my mother couldn`t control me as I burst into the operating room and saw the man who was my childhood role model with tubes coming out of his skin and his foot dangling limply below the ankle

My father had been a type II diabetic since he was a child and he had ignored the swelling and numbness in his foot for years when he should have been taking care of it.

And because of that decision it eventually got to the point where everything below his ankle was nothing but useless, rotting flesh. Which is why they took the saw to him.

Now you may be thinking this is extreme and in many senses it was.

But even today, in 2014, diabetes remains the #1 cause of amputation both in the United States, and around the world

And when I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in 1985, at the age of 13 the only thing I could think of was the stump where my father`s leg had once been and how I would do everything in my power to not end up like him.

So from 7th grade on, my entire life became an obsession over finding a cure for diabetes.

I received my undergraduate degree from one of California`s top college, where I studied biology and graduated with Magnum Cum Laude, an award reserved for top students.

In graduate school, I studied human disease and graduated in the top 10% of my class

And even on my weekends when I should have been relaxing I spent every waking hour researching the causes... and potential cures

Of a devastating disease that affects more than 29 million type II diabetics and 79 million pre-diabetics in the United States.

To anyone looking in on the outside, it would seem like my hard work was paying off

I was published left and right, I was nominated for all sorts of awards and grants for my contributions in the field of human pathology I got offered a position as a tenured professor at the age of 35, which is unheard of

But even though I appeared to be successful on the outside...

Inside I was I was becoming INCREDIBLY frustrated.

You see: what I began noticing was that all of the University research money out there, along with all of the academic studies, and even all of the papers that were getting published

Were about finding ways to help diabetics manage their disease.

At first that might not sound like an issue. After all, that`s what diabetes medication is for, right?

Well the answer is YES, and that`s exactly what the problem was.

You See What I Realized Is That The Entire Medical Profession Both From An Academic And A Corporate Standpoint

Was Pumping Billions Of Dollars Into Ways To Keep Diabetics Like You And Me On Life Support.

Because that`s exactly what managing your diabetes is.

It`s constantly monitoring your blood sugar levels

Taking the oral medications or insulin shots

And following an incredibly restrictive diet that turns you into a lettuce eating rabbit

With the ultimate goal of helping you survive another day.

And the question that was keeping me up at night and that I couldn`t get out of my mind no matter how hard I tried was this:

Why Are We Only Focusing On Managing Diabetes Instead Of Trying To Find A Cure?

Something That Allowed You To Not Just Survive, But THRIVE

And that would permanently reduce your blood sugar back to normal, healthy levels without the use of medications or ridiculously harsh diets?

So I began digging deeper. I spoke with my academic colleagues I started investigating the experimental diabetes medications that the pharmaceutical industry giants were currently working on

I began asking questions I wasn`t supposed to ask.

And when I finally put it all together and realized what had been in front of me all along, throughout my entire academic career, and all my research, and all of my life`s work

I felt like an idiot for having not realizing it sooner...

The Pharmaceutical Companies Pump Tens Of Billions Of Dollars A Year Into Making Sure Your Type II Diabetes Is NEVER Cured.

They have absolutely ZERO interest in getting you off medications or insulin shots

And this is true even if you`re not currently one of their customers, and you`re just following a strict eating plan right now

Because they know that eventually diabetes always wins and whether it`s tomorrow or ten years from now your body will begin breaking down and you`ll come crawling over to them with open palms while they give you needles to push into your stomach or pills to stuff down your throat.

Think about it: the average diabetic is worth more than 14,000 per year to the pharmaceutical companies.

Diabetes medication is a 245 billion per year industry that`s billion with a `B` a quarter of a trillion dollars.

And you can be damn sure that they would sooner have you die than give up that kind of money.

It Made My Blood Boil I Had Been So Blind!

And it made me sick to think that I was partly responsible for their disgusting business practices.

Because I realized that Big Pharma controls EVERYTHING that`s being done in the field of diabetes research

That the major pharmaceuticals are actually the top contributors to academic diabetes research and that because they have the cash they`re the ones making the rules

Which meant making sure that us little worker ants, with our fancy titles and prestigious medical degrees and hundreds of millions of dollars in research funding

Never realized that all we were doing was spending our lives helping the corporations make massive profits instead of helping real, every day people like you and me get better

That`s why in October of 2011, I did something radical

Something that probably could have gotten me thrown behind bars but that absolutely had to be done.

I laid down the law to a small scientific research team I was being paid to consult with doing a research sponsored by funds from Big Pharma...

And I told them that instead of performing more meaningless research that would do nothing but make the pharmaceutical giants several billion dollars in extra profits

They could change the world by putting every single ounce of energy into finding a CURE.

At first, they thought I was nuts. After all, why should they listen to me?

But as I explained to them, I wasn`t being hired as a consultant to just sit around and watch them diddle around

I`d been hired to direct their research, and the reason I`d gotten this job was because of my decades of research, my demonstrated expertise in the field, and my widely publicized professional accomplishments.

Plus, I also had an ace in the hole

I`d made sure that the agreement I signed with the institution that hired me allowed me to have entire creative control of the project.

Which meant that even if these scientists were uncomfortable with going against status quo, they really had no choice but to listen to me.

It was thrilling but terrifying if Big Pharma discovered that we were on a secret mission to destroy them, they would come after us with every single penny they had.

But all I could think about was the stump where my father`s foot had once been and how tired I was of having to take insulin shots for my diabetes and oral medications for my cholesterol and circulation and of being an overmedicated slave to my disease

So we set to work on a year-long journey

Something that would eventually lead to the discovery of the natural, and clinically proven method for permanently reversing even the worst cases of type II diabetes that I want to tell you about today.

You see

Historically, all diabetes research and medications have been focused on either stimulating insulin production in the pancreas, or breaking down the sugars in your blood stream.

The reason for this is that the majority of the body`s insulin is created in the pancreas.

That insulin is what causes sugars to leave your bloodstream, and be absorbed into your body.

As a type-II diabetic, you struggle with high blood sugar because either your body stopped producing that insulin

Or the blood sugar in your body has become resistant to the insulin you do produce.

So, the consensus in the academic and pharmaceutical world had always been that we needed to either help you produce more insulin, or help your body break down blood sugar levels some other way.

In a sense this approach works: People with diabetes now live longer than ever before it`s possible to manage your blood sugar levels with mediocre success and while those with diabetes used to die 20 years earlier than those without it

They now die only 10 years earlier on average.

But on the other hand, this solution is still really no solution at all.

Forcing your body to temporarily produce more insulin or to take pills that destroy glucose while also depleting other essential nutrients that are vital to your health

It keeps you on life support, but it doesn`t address the cause of your type II diabetes at the root.

So the question I posed to the research team was this:

What`s Responsible For These High Blood Sugar Levels In The First Place?

In other words, all of the focus has been on the fact that glucose levels are high and your insulin isn`t working so they stay high.

But what everyone seemed to be ignoring was the really obvious fact that it`s not insulin that`s the problem it`s that you have such high blood sugar levels in the first place.

Because what causes diabetes is that your body is producing an excessive amount of sugar in the bloodstream that just floats around in your blood.

So, instead of focusing on insulin like every research lab in the country had been doing for more than three decades

I persuaded this team of top scientific researchers to study how glucose (blood sugar) is produced in the body in the first place in order to determine if this blood sugar production could be slowed down, or even stopped.

At first the research was slow, especially since we had to work in secret

But as we continued to extensively study the existing medical research about sugar production in the body

And As We Spent Millions Of Dollars Performing Our Own Experiments In The Lab

We Eventually Came Across An Incredible Discovery

Something that had the power to change the way people across the world look at what diabetes is and how it can be treated

And that holds the key to reversing all traces of diabetes while naturally bringing your blood sugar levels down to non-diabetic levels within the next few weeks.

You see, at the same time we were performing our research, a revolutionary new study was being published with the National Center for Biotechnology Information

And in it, several top scientists made a startling, and potentially game-changing claim.

They had spent years studying how the human body works and now had conclusive evidence that 80% of all sugar production in the body occurs in tissues that are NOT affected by insulin.

Instead, this excess glucose is produced in the kidneys and the liver and in both cases, this production occurs regardless of what you`re eating, or what your overall health is.

Well as soon as I read this, I knew that they were onto something. It just made too much sense.

After all, think about it

Have you ever noticed how your blood sugar levels are higher in the morning than when you went to sleep the night before?

If the answer is yes, have you ever stopped to wonder why this is?

Because really, it doesn`t make sense. You haven`t eaten in 7-12 hours

So why would there be MORE sugar in your bloodstream?

Well the answer is that your liver and kidneys don`t go to sleep when you do. Instead, they`re constantly pumping out excess glucose on their own completely independent of what your last meal was.

Which is why no matter how much insulin you`re stuffing yourself with or how many pills you take it`s still a constant struggle to manage your blood sugar levels.

So, the implications of this finder were HUGE.

After all, if 80% of all sugar production in the human body occurs in tissues that are NOT even affected by insulin

Then using insulin to cure your diabetes is like using glasses to cure your poor eyesight in both cases the symptoms are masked but the real cause is never addressed.

And what the research team realized is that if we could discover a way to reduce the amount of glucose, or blood sugar being produced in that 80% of the body that was insulin-independent

Specifically in the liver and the kidneys which produce the lion`s share

Then we could reduce a person`s overall blood sugar DRAMATICALLY

Restoring it to normal levels, and thereby eliminating every single symptom of diabetes in the process.

So like I said, this discovery was HUGE. But it was only half the battle

Because even though we knew what to do, we weren`t yet sure about how to do it.

Which meant it was back to the lab for more research and more tests

For two more painstaking months, we studied the tissue and cells that make up the human liver and kidneys

We dissected live samples and ran thousands of tests

We observed which proteins and enzymes seemed to be responsible for triggering sugar production in the liver and kidneys and which ones seemed to be responsible for stopping it

And what we ultimately discovered was that in the end, there are just a small group of amino acids and enzymes that are exclusively responsible for all of the sugar production in both the liver, and your kidneys.

Which meant that if we could simply neutralize those tiny little biological factories in your body

Then excess sugar production would be stopped at the SOURCE before it had ever had the chance to be released into your blood stream in the first place.

So all we had to do was find the organic chemicals that when introduced into the body would enter the liver and kidneys and interact with those hyperactive glucose producers

And with that knowledge in our minds, we went to work testing thousands of different combinations of enzymes, amino acids, essential fatty acids, and proteins

Until Finally, On September 13, 2011We Received The Results From Our Most Recent Test

And found that both the liver and kidney tissues we were working with had reduced their sugar production by more than 95%.

The feeling of excitement I experienced right then and there is hard to describe

I was shaking my heart was racing I was trying not to cry in front of my team members.

Every Ounce Of Hope In My Body Was Praying That What We`d Found Really Could Be A Completely Unexpected Way To Cure Diabetes.

But I had to be sure, because this one test could have been a fluke.

So, we immediately tested this recently discovered formula on more than 300 live samples

And as in every single case, the blood sugar production in those samples was cut by at least 80%... usually closer to 90%...

Which is when it finally became clear to me that after more than a year of non-stop, tireless work

My team had found the key to eliminating high blood sugar and completely reducing all signs of diabetes in the human body.

Overwhelmed, I immediately turned myself into a human lab rat so that I could try what we`d discovered on myself.

But even though I was filled with pure joy so much so that I could hardly sleep all of that week

I wasn`t about to start lapping some chemical formula out of a Petri dish.

So, instead my team and I analyzed the nutritional makeup of hundreds of different fruits and vegetables

As well as the ingredients lists in more than a thousand over-the-counter supplements

And created a specific eating and supplementation plan that was extremely easy to follow

That Only Required Adding A Few Fruits And Vegetables To My Diet And A Few Supplements That Could Be Bought From Any Grocery Store For Less Than 20

But that contained the exact blend of amino acids, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that we`d used inside our formula in the lab.

We held our breath as each day as I followed the careful schedule we`d laid out.

We knew the key was to introduce each food or supplement into my body at specific times so that they would react the way that was needed in order to regulate sugar production

After the first week my blood sugar was a little lower but nothing near what I was hoping for which made me nervous

But I stuck with it I kept following the simple guide and I kept praying that this would work

And, On The 8th Day, Something Remarkable Happened

My blood sugar levels had dropped dramatically from 270 to 160

The next day that number was 151

The next it was 143

And On And On It Continued To Drop Until, By Day 19, My Blood Sugar Level Was Sitting At An Even 100!

It was amazing I simply never would have dreamed that I could reduce my blood sugar so drastically, and in such a small period of time simply by carefully adding a few additional foods and supplements into my diet.

But there the readings were right in front of my very eyes.

So, I decided to start reducing both my oral medications and my insulin shots, to see if it was really just these few small dietary changes that was causing my blood sugar to drop so significantly.

And as I started taking lower and lower dosages of the drugs

Even after I`d stopped taking my medication and insulin shots for more than a month

Even as I started taking my readings every few days, instead of four times a day

My Blood Sugar Level Stayed Right There At An Even 100.

Emboldened, I began adding more sugars, carbs, and starches to my diet.

I figured that since the supplement/nutrition blend I was using would destroy all of the excess sugar in my body anyways that if anything introducing many of the foods I loved back into my diet

Cornbread hot pasta a refreshing can of Coca Cola you name it

Would actually probably be a healthy thing for me to do.

And sure enough, I was amazed to discover that even though I was suddenly eating all of these no, no foods

My blood sugar level was still staying right there right at an even 100.

Well you can probably imagine how incredible this feeling of relief was

To wake up each morning, and know that you wouldn`t have to take a single blood sugar reading

Or pop any oral medications that were apparently working but that make your stomach turn

Or to ever look at a dripping insulin needle again and mentally prepare yourself to be stabbed

And to be able to even reduce all of those other pills you were taking things to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure or for your heart...

While saving you a thousand or more dollars per year in insurance co-pays.

It`s Overwhelming It`s Liberating And It Gives You Your Life Back!

The following month we began running clinical trials, and I was thrilled to see that the results we were getting back reflected exactly what I`d experienced.

In fact, even as I collected more and more data, and shared this same Blood Sugar Reduction Strategy with dozens, then hundreds of other people folks whose diabetes ranged from mild to severe and whose ages ranged from 7 to 89

Virtually everyone who followed this program saw their blood sugar levels drop to normal levels within 19 days...

Was able to stop taking their medications

And was able to reintroduce carb and starch-rich foods things like cheeseburgers milkshakes even mashed potatoes back into their diets.

It was the breakthrough of the century and I knew that it was vital the scientific research team and I do everything in our power to start sharing the program we`d created with as many Americans as humanly possible.

But that was easier said than done.

We did try to publish our studies, but not a single medical journal would print them. They all looked at the data at the science behind our discovery and told us it was the most incredible thing they`d ever seen

That they had dozens of loved ones they wanted to share it with

But that if they published it, they were dead certain they would never get funding from Big Pharma again and that they could even be putting their careers in jeopardy.

And we knew we couldn`t take it to the pharmaceuticals themselves or they`d be so enraged so terrified

They would do everything in their power both legally and by less savory means... to make sure our research never saw the light of day.

Well to be sure, it was extremely discouraging

But I wasn`t about to give up.

I thought about my father and the shame he felt every time people saw him attach the bulky prosthetic to the stump where his foot had once been

I thought about my own suffering of the shots of the constant management, of the feeling that I was never free

And I knew that it was my absolute moral duty to share this program with deserving American`s across this country just like you.

So almost a year ago to the day, I put up this website in absolute secret

And made our entire diabetes reversal program available to any single American who had the desire to stand up to Big Pharma their drug pushing physicians and even their profit hungry partners in the insurance industry

The Team And I Decided To Call The Program:

The Diabetes Protocol: The Only Scientifically Proven Way To Reverse Your Diabetes Permanently

More than 41,000 diabetic and pre-diabetic patients of all ages and diagnosis ranging from mild to extremely severe

People who have found this hidden site by way of a well-meaning friend

Or the recommendation of a rogue family physician who was willing to take a stand and reject Big Pharma`s blood money

Have reduced their blood sugar to completely normal levels while being medically diagnosed as diabetes free.

The Diabetes Protocol Program is only available from this website that you`re on right now and only for as long as it can remain up without Big Pharma shutting us down

And inside it, you`re given a complete the complete protocol to become diabetes free it`s a specific, day by day guide. You`ll discover exactly what to do over the next few weeks.

That`s hugely important, because consuming the right nutrients at the right time is essential to getting the right combinations of nutrients into your liver and kidneys when it matters the most

And while you do need to follow this guide closely, you`ll also be shocked to discover just how simple everything is.

And every single sign of your diabetes can be completely eliminated in less than three weeks from today.

And that`s just the first part of what`s inside The Diabetes Protocol Program.

And after 19 days our program shows you exactly how to start introducing the foods you love back into your diet

Ice cream sundaes French fries chocolate chip pancakes, you name it

You`ll see exactly what you need to do to ensure you can safely, and easily start enjoying the foods you love again.

Plus, after that first 19 days, you`ll also be shown a medically approved program for beginning to test the waters by reducing the medications and drugs your doctor and Big Pharma have been telling you for years that you MUST keep pumping into your body.

Instead, you`ll simply go into maintenance mode. You won`t even need to consume the specific foods and supplements we tell you about on a daily basis or even on a strict schedule anymore

You`ll just have to make sure you do keep them in your diet about once a week and your blood sugar levels will be maintained completely on autopilot even as you toss those life-controlling medications you hate into the trash forever

The Diabetes Protocol Program Is About Getting Your LIFE Back

Which is why it should be pretty clear that the team and I believe what we`ve discovered and are presenting to you is one of the most important scientific breakthroughs of the last 100 years.

It`s completely natural and completely side effect free and it`s your first and only REAL chance to permanently destroy your diabetes while returning the freedom you`ve been denied for months, years, or even decades of your life.

Of course, that`s not to say you couldn`t keep taking other oral medications things that help fight glucose once it`s already in your blood stream

But besides the sick stomachs the low energy the kidney damage even the side effects like high blood pressure and cholesterol which require you to take even more medications with MORE side effects

They don`t address the source of your diabetes at the root, and the second you stop taking them your blood sugar levels will skyrocket right back up to dangerous levels.

It`s the same thing with insulin shots. They`re nothing but a temporary supercharge, but as soon as they wear off, it`s time to inject yourself again to look at that hopefully sterile needle dripping drugs from the end and to push it inside your flesh.

For some people, you could just follow an ultra-restrictive diet. That`s certainly not a bad idea but don`t you get tired of hearing NO. As in no you can`t eat that, no that has too much starch or carbs,NO you can`t order that off the menu.

Plus, managing your diabetes through diet only lasts so long. Eventually, there will come a point where your body breaks down where the insulin production is so ineffective, or non-existent that you`ll be right back on the drugs.

Then, there`s the fact that all of these in-effective options are extremely costly. Between all of the medications you`re looking at a co-pay of between 600 and 1,200 per year or as much as 12,000 over the coming decade

That`s money you could be using to take the vacation of your dreams or put your kids or grandkids through college or live more comfortably in your retirement.

None of those options are real options, and you already know it.

So do I, which is why initially my team wanted to set access to the Diabetes Protocol Program at 299.

That`s far less than the cost of seeing even one specialist

For less than what your co-pay will probably be in the coming few months

And far less than what you`ll have to spend to see a dietician or follow some elaborate meal plan that turns your eating into a major hassle.

Plus, that 299 is for a permanent cure not just a little band-aid that has to be ripped off, and reapplied every single day.

And given all of this, 299 should seem like a STEAL to you.

But, like I mentioned already, getting the Diabetes Protocol Program to you is NOT about me getting rich.

If I wanted to do that, I could go take a job with Big Pharma right now, and make more than a 100,000 per year as a clinical research director.

But I Don`t Want Their Blood Money I Want To Help You Get Truly, Permanently Better.

That`s what this is all about. I wish this had existed when my father still had his leg maybe if it had it would have saved him from the pain and humiliation that followed for the rest of his life.

Which is why there`s no chance I could even consider charging you 299 for this or 199 or even 99.

Instead, if you act today through this secret website you now find yourself on and make the life-changing decision to reverse your diabetes for good while breaking free from both the medications and life style restrictions that have until now been keeping you in chains

My team and I have agreed to hand over the entire program to you, the complete protocol and the accompanying guides, that allows you to get off the drugs and medications in the next few weeks

For just 39.95

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In depth Review Of Diabetes Protocol Program

Diabetes Protocol Review written by: Rosetta J. Gladden: Diabetes now affects a huge number of people, and the problem is still growing each year. In this Diabetes Protocol program review I will explain how one health researcher, Dr. Kenneth Pullman, has contradicted all previous knowledge about diabetes and found an amazing protocol that actually reverses the disease.

In view of the fact that there are almost thirty million Americans with diabetes, it is my intention in this Diabetes Protocol program review to look at how Dr. Pullman can make such an amazing claim. He promises us that it is possible to overturn both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes by using the Diabetes Protocol Program.

Treatment for diabetes usually involves a lifetime of expensive medications that don`t even deal with the cause of becoming diabetic. The Diabetes Protocol is an entirely natural method of reversing diabetes. It has absolutely no side effects and is much less costly than any traditional diabetes treatment.

It is the view of Dr. Pullman that the usual practice of increasing insulin artificially in the body is not the best way of treating diabetes. He believes that this is not necessary and that an entirely different approach is needed, one that will treat diabetes without insulin shots, medications or any type of surgical procedure.

By following Diabetes Protocol program, Dr. Pullman is certain that you can become completely free of diabetes in just a few weeks, if you re pre-diabetic or you have Type 1 diabetes or Type 2.

What Dr. Pullman has discovered is that insulin does not have anything to do with 80 percent of the glucose that is naturally produced by the body. He has found that certain proteins and enzymes within the liver and the kidneys cause these organs produce glucose and release it into the bloodstream. He also found other enzymes and proteins which have the opposite effect and that it is possible to reverse diabetes.

In his research Dr. Pullman was able to identify which nutrients, in the right combination, naturally restrict the amount of sugar that is produced by organs of the body.

So far his Diabetes Protocol program has been used by more than 40,000 diabetics to reverse their medical condition.

Who is Dr. Pullman and Why Did He Develop This Program?

Dr. Kenneth Pullman is a medical expert who specializes in helping people with diabetes and those with a loved one who is diabetic.

The motivation for Dr. Pullman to develop his Diabetes Protocol program comes from his own personal situation. At the age of 13 he was diagnosed as having Type 2 diabetes and his father was also diabetic. In fact his father lost a leg through the disease, which meant it had to be amputated.

Kenneth Pullman was determined that he was not going to have the same experience as his father, and so he set out to find out whether there could ever be a cure for diabetes. He was one of the top ten percent of graduates from his class at medical school.It was his decision to develop the Diabetes Protocol program and to sell it for a very low price, particularly when compared to costs involved in the conventional treatment of diabetes.

Making a lot of money was never his main intention, so Dr. Pullman released this program at an easily affordable price. The protocol has been carefully designed to allow you to live a full life while taking control of your diabetes and what can be achieved by the Diabetes Protocol program is actually priceless.

The Product

The Diabetes Protocol can be downloaded to a smart phone, a tablet or any computer. Access is instant and you can use a restricted part of the website that is only available after joining the program.

The main part of the program is an informative e-book which fully explains everything you need to know. In 138 pages it teaches you what the body does naturally and what you need to change in order to reverse diabetes.

In addition to this you get all the additional support and advice you may need through personal contact, so you can always get answers to your own questions.

Common concerns about diabetes are adequately covered by this program. The e-book explains things like the causes of diabetes, how to avoid the complications that arise from having diabetes, which organs in the body are involved and how these can be restored to function as they should.

You will quickly learn about some of our everyday habits that make us vulnerable to diabetes and how these can easily be changed to build up our resistance in a dramatic way.The Solution Therapy you get from The Diabetes Protocol program focuses on allowing your organs, particularly the kidneys, the liver and the pancreas, to reverse diabetes by getting them back into good working condition.

The exact method to follow will depend on your type of diabetes, but largely it relies on removing the toxins that cause liver damage.

The author has put a lot of effort into putting together a very valuable program that leads you through all the possible combinations and elements that will get your internal organs back into good shape.

Does The Diabetes Protocol program Work?
The program makes it very clear that there is no instant cure for diabetes and it is realistic about the possibility of it coming back. However, the author does provide you with all the knowledge you require and it is simply a matter of being persistent and having patience.

The program claims to make it possible for diabetes to be reversed in just 19 days, but it may not happen quite so quickly for everyone who follows it. The true value of the program is that, however long it may take, anyone with diabetes will benefit, simply by making some small changes to their daily habits.

You should be aware that there is some self-discipline needed if you are to follow the protocol. Some people might think that the protocol allows them to go on eating what they like every day, because when promoting his program Dr. Pullman does claim that to follow the protocol you don`t have to cut out soda drinks or food such as ice cream and French fries.

The truth is that it does actually restrict what you can eat. After some time will you be able to reintroduce some of your favorites, but only if you consume them in moderation.

It`s not difficult to follow the Diabetes Protocol program, but you do need to read everything and make an effort to follow all the advice.

There is no magical cure for diabetes, but you can control your diabetes by closely following the Diabetes Protocol program.


Dr. Pullman has actually developed an effective way to deal with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2. The protocol will also help people without diabetes to improve their health and prevent the onset of diabetes.The Diabetes Protocol is therefore to be recommended, because it removes the need for insulin injections or pharmaceutical drugs. It`s tremendous value for money when you compare the price with what you would have to keep paying for insulin or medication for the rest of your life.

The Diabetes Protocol program may not be available for very much longer at 39.95, or even at all if the pharmaceutical industry were to put some pressure on having it taken down.

If, after reading this Diabetes Protocol Program review, you are still unsure about whether it will help you or someone you know who is affected by diabetes, then you can be reassured that it comes with a full guarantee. You can ask for your money back if at any time within the first 60 days you are not satisfied with the value of this program.

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